Our goals are to achieve sustainable, responsible energy production and use. Our organization is protecting the environment and addressing climate change by:

  1. Increasing energy efficiency and conservation in homes, business and public buildings;
  2. Ensuring effective local, state and national energy programs are available to rural people;
  3. Fostering community development of renewable energy;
  4. Opposing dirty energy production and development;
  5. Holding public officials accountable to support sustainable energy and environmental stewardship;
  6. Promoting progressive energy policy in Oregon and nationwide.

We have been working towards achieving these goals in the following ways:

electricity meter.jpg

Energy efficiency & conservation

Energy efficiency and conservation can be thought of as resources like any other – only more available, less costly, safer, and more abundant. When it comes to responses to climate change and avoiding the inevitable controversies that arise from new energy development projects, there are no better tools than conservation and efficiency.

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renewable energy

From supporting Oregon’s Renewable Energy Standard to promoting community scale renewables, and from the Homegrown Prosperity Renewable Energy Bus Tour and the first solar fairs in Eastern Oregon on to our  Solarize Union County Project and Solarize Snake River Valley Project, Oregon Rural Action members are helping implement the energy future now.

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dirty energy

The nature of the electric grid and our energy distribution system disguise the effects of dirty energy on our communities and the broader environment. While coal, gas and oil have comprised a substantial portion of our nation’s energy sources, we see the severe threat of climate change and the impacts of dirty energy production and use as a sign that we need to transition away from dirty energy and cease its further development.