At Oregon Rural Action, we strongly support and strive for justice regarding the distribution of wealth, opportunities and privileges within our small communities. Our work is focused on making sustainable, equitable change for our residents and assisting to provide access to resources for individuals who are disenfranchised due to discrimination. Some of our work has included:

  • Working with the Oregon Food Bank, members of the Snake River Chapter of Oregon Rural Action has created a community garden to supply fresh produce to the food pantries.
  • Several years ago, Snake River Chapter members uncovered racial and personal bias within their local Malheur County Food Stamp Program and successfully implemented policy and procedure changes to ensure fair and equitable treatment of all.
  • Snake River Chapter members also were successful in their efforts to reform the local water shutoff policy in Ontario in order to ensure that low income residents did not lose their access to water for missing a payment.
  • Oregon Rural Action has participated in a state-wide coalition advocating for fundamental health care reform and lobbying our local state representatives to support measures to increase access to health care for our rural Eastern Oregon residents.

We are always looking for individuals who are passionate about social justice - join our team today!