Like many resource-rich rural communities, Eastern Oregon faces increasing concerns from exporting coal through our region to China, to natural gas development and fracking in Malheur County.  ORA is working broadly to both fight dirty engery and promote on-the-ground use of renewable energy by ordinary people today. We believe through grassroots work ORA members can change the energy conversation, the energy market and steer our communities from the dirty energy of the 20th century to the renewable energy future.

Drawing on the Energy Policy Position that members created in 2001, Oregon Rural Action has long supported small-scale community-based renewable energy development. The Board of Directors reaffirmed this position in 2010 amidst rising controversy throughout the rural West over mega wind farm projects.

Oregon Rural Action members are addressing climate change and due in part to the testimonies and letters of our members, Oregon now has in place one of the most comprehensive Renewable Energy Standard in the nation. Many Eastern Oregon counties are already reaping the economic benefits of renewable energy development such as wind energy, biomass and bio-fuels production.

Through our active Energy Team, members define the issues they want to work on and organize to shape our community. We’ve produced the first ever Eastern Oregon Energy Guide, designed to empower homeowners with the tools they need to become more energy efficient while including a directory of local businesses that can help you get there.

We’re always looking for new folks interested in these issues to join our Energy Team!