health care reform action team work

Oregon Rural Action is concerned about the health and well being of people in Eastern Oregon and invites you to participate in bringing  universal, publicly funded health care to our state. Health care reform is a key issues for ORA.  In the spring of 2012, ORA joined the Health Care for All-Oregon coalition and formed a Health Care Reform Action Team (HCRAT).  We are excited to announce there are close to 1,000 Eastern Oregon names in HCRAT’s database supporting universal, publicly funded health care with 632 from Union County!

Education and advocacy are two main HCRAT activities. We educate the public through tabling at community fairs, festivals, parades and farmers’ markets and house parties. In the past we have sponsored public forums, workshops, a fundraising concert and screened 8 public showings of health care documentaries. Collecting health care as a human right photo petitions and statements of support are popular activities. 

HCRAT's advocacy activities have included making individual face-to-face educational legislative visits locally and in the capital as well as communicating with our representatives by letters, email and phone. This year, we've conducted a successful campaign in which the La Grande City Council passed a resolution to the Oregon Legislature in support of placing universal, publicly funded health care on the 2020 ballot.

We hope you will join the ORA Health Care Reform Action Team in our exciting campaign to bring universal, publicly funded health care to Oregon.